Top 50 Surf Blogs!

When you live miles away from the Ocean, how do you keep up to date with the surfing community? Aside from booking surf holidays to some of the best breaks, the best way to get your surfing fix is by reading surf blogs.

But which blogs do you read? With so many blogs, it can be hard to find the right one for you. To help inspire your next surf holiday, we’ve searched the internet for the best surf blogs and ranked them to find out which is best.

How are they ranked?

In order to make our ranking fair, we took into account 4 factors:

  • Alexa Rank
  • Social Media Following
  • Domain Rating
  • Similarweb rank

For each factor we gave each blog points, with the top blog getting 1 point, the 2nd blog getting 2 points etc. With each factor worth 25%, we added up the total number of points, with the lower the number of points the higher the ranking.

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So what are the Top 50 Best Surf Blogs? Let’s find out!

The Best 50 Surf Blogs

1. Surfer


Considered to be “the bible of the sport”, it’s no surprise SURFER Magazine is our number 1 surf blog. Packed with reviews, guides and the latest news, reading SURFER is the best way to keep up to date with the surfing community no matter where you are in the world.

2. CI Surf Boards

CI surf boards site

Established in 1969, Channel Islands has developed from a grassroots operation to an innovative, high-performance brand. As a result, some of the best surfers in the world turn to Channel Island to take their surf to the next level. Following the team at different contests, the blog has some of the best surf photography around.
3. Catch Surf

Catch surf site

A Surf shop based in Laguna Beach, the Catch Surf Blog follows the team as they try out new equipment and the latest surfing technology. Featuring plenty of surfing footage and excellent surf photography, the blog is full of personality.
4. Surf Simply

simply surf

One of the leading surf coaching retreats, Surf Simply understands what it takes to catch a break. Sharing their passion with as many people, Surf Simply produces an excellent podcast and magazine discussing everything relating to surf culture, characters, coaching and competition. For those looking to improve their technique before their next surf holiday, have a look at the free video tutorials from Surf Simply founder, Ru Hill, which talk through some of the basics.
5. Laird Hamilton

Laird Hamilton

The blog of the innovative big wave surfer Laird Hamilton, visitors are treated to updates and incredible photographs of his travels. Whilst big waves are out of the question for most surfers, reading Laird’s blog will make even a beginner want to book a surf holiday to Peniche.
6. Bare Foot Surf Travel

Bare Foot Surf Travel

Sharing their love of surf trips, Bare Foot Surf Travel’s blog, titled ‘Livemore Magazine’ has the perfect mix of surf guides and travel inspiration. Including interesting features such as a day in the life of a professional surfer, you can easily lose track of time reading this blog.
7. We are Surfers

We are surfers

An International surfing, surf art and culture website, We Are Surfers provides updates from the surfing community around the world. Aside from news updates, visitors will find helpful reviews and guides on every aspect of surf culture.
 8. Lush Palm

Lush Palm

A complete guide to surf travel and lifestyle for the modern surfer, Lush Palm aims to provide inspiration for the ocean-minded. With spectacular photography, Lush Palm should be a must-visit when planning your surf holiday.
9. 360 Guide

360 Guide

Born from a passion for action sports, the 360Guide covers everything from surfing to snowboarding. Whilst most of the site is equipment or guide focused, we love the ‘BoardBlog’ for its relatable stories and travel inspiration.
10. Surfd


Bringing stories and insights from the surfing community, Surfd has earned its place in our top 10 surf blogs. Whether you’re looking for reviews on the latest surfboard or wetsuit, or want advice on improving your fitness and health, there is something for everyone on this blog.
11. Surf Ears


The blog of the leading surfing earplug brand, Surf Ears blog is ideal for anyone looking to see more of their favourite professional surfers. Following iconic wave riders around the world, the blog gives amazing insights into some of our favourite destinations.
12. Kelly Slater


Crowned World Surf League Champion a record 11 times, Kelly Slater is an iconic professional surfer. Founder of the Kelly Slater Wave Company, the blog shares incredible footage of surfers testing the first repeatable man-made wave on an inland lake in California.
13. Surf Strength Coach

Surf Strength Coach

The perfect blog for intermediate and expert surfers, Surf Strength Coach has the primary goal to help surfers improve their performance through exercise and nutrition. Alongside programs and coaching, helpful guides are guaranteed to help improve your fitness for your next surf holiday.
14. Drift


Combing a love of surfing and a loyal community, Drift is a must-read blog for all surfers. From exclusive interviews to insightful features on ocean environments, the blog is truly dedicated to providing surfing updates to its readers.
15. Turf to Surf

Turf to Surf

Founded in 2012 when Tasha bought a boat, Turf and Surf combines a love of writing and a love of adrenaline. Whilst Turf and Surf is mainly a sailing blog, visitors will find everything from Paddle boarding to Kiteboarding and is great for coastal destination inspiration.
16. Encyclopaedia of Surfing

Encyclopaedia of Surfing

Transforming the must-read surf book by Matt Washaw into a website, the Encyclopaedia of Surfing is a hub of surfing history. Whilst the site is a subscription service, access to this impressive collection of photographs and videos is well worth the cost for keen surfers.
17. NE Surf

NE Surf

Located in New England, USA, N.E. Surf aims to inspire and update the local surfing community. Featuring in-depth reports on everything from buoy data to the forecast, the blog shares details of major contests, complete with stunning photography.
18. Surf with Amigas

Surf with Amigas

An exclusive surf and yoga retreat for adventurous women, Surf with Amigas aims to support and inspire guests. Sharing updates on their inclusive community, Surf with Amigas is a must-read for women who are thinking of trying surfing for the first time.
19. Alana Blanchard

Alana Blanchard<

A pro surfer from Hawaii, Alana Blanchard’s site acts as a hub for all her social media activity. A regular YouTuber, Alana shares her return to surfing after having her first baby. Full of inspiration travel footage and tips on surfing with families, you’ll want to book a surf holiday after watching.
Website: Alana Blanchard
20. Chica Brava

Chica Brava

Established in 2003, Chica Brava is dedicated to empowering women on their own surfing journey. Mixing advice on surfing technique with yoga and mindfulness tips, the Chica Brava blog helps to encourage people to begin their own surfing adventure.
22. Stephanie Gilmore

Stephanie Gilmore

Born and raised in New South Wales, Australia, Stephanie Gilmore has dominated women’s professional surfing since 2007. A 6-time World Surfing Champion, her site helps fans follow her around the world, sharing some great surf films, such as ‘Stephanie in The Water’, to inspire them to give the sport a try.
23. Young Wise Tails

Young Wise Tails

A collection of short films, photos and musings, Young Wise Tails is shares the story of two brothers travelling to find the best breaks. Featuring some incredible footage, we especially loved watching the ‘Year One’ short film, following Connor on his first year on the WSL Tour.
24. Errant Surf

Errant Surf

Aside from creating surfing experiences for people of all ages and abilities, Errant Surf also writes a great surf travel blog. Full of surf holiday inspiration, we love their helpful destination guides and advice on how to make the most of your surf holiday in Europe.
25. Surfer Dad

Surfer Dad

If you’re thinking of introducing children to surfing or planning a family surf holiday, this is the blog for you. Written by a father from Cornwall, Surfer Dad is one of the best European surf blogs around. Discussing a wide range of topics from surfing rants to surf music, Surfer Dad covers all aspects of the surfer lifestyle.
26. Surf Happens

Surf Happens

A leading surf school based in Santa Barbara, Surf Happens is passionate about sharing the spirit of Aloha with surfers of all ages and abilities. From sharing details of the top competitions to providing exclusive insights on events, the Surf Happens blog is a great introduction to surfing in California.
27. Lea Brassy

Lea Brassy

Originally from France, Lea Brassy is an ocean adventurer with a desire to explore the coastal world and seaside communities across the globe. Through social media and her blog, Lea Brassy shares her travels and encourages people to be more responsible for their environment.
28. Surf Tours Nicaragua

Surf Tours Nicaragua

Helping surfers find the best waves in Nicaragua, Surf Tours Nicaragua is your ultimate source for surfing in this Central American country. Complete with a surf webcam showing live conditions, the Surf Tours Nicaragua blog shares what it’s like exploring this stretch of coast.
29. Mad to Live

Mad To Live

Written by adventure lover Sophie Everard, Mad to Live is a lifestyle, travel and fitness blog that has been featured in the likes of Women’s Health and Elle Magazine. If you’re planning on going on a surf holiday soon, we recommend reading Sophie’s blog on surf fitness, so you get catch more waves.
30. John John Florence

John John Florence

The youngest Pipeline and Vans Triple Crown competitor ever, John John Florence is one of the most talked about surfers in the World Surf League. Keeping fans updated with his performance in major competitions, we loved watching the John John Florence series following his journey to claim the world title in 2017.
31. Mentawai Surf Charters

Mentawai Surf Charters

Offering surf trips around Indonesia, Mentawai Surf Charters shares some extraordinary photographs of their guests. Complete with images from surf competitions and some great videos, the blog gives you a real sense of what surf tours are like.
32. Original Surf Morocco

Original Surf Morocco

The blog of a surf and yoga retreat in Morocco, Original Surf Morocco provides a great insight into what its like to go to a surf and yoga camp. Whether you’re brand new to surfing or looking to improve, this blog shares some excellent tips to help you make the most of your trip.
33. Turkey Melt

Turkey Melt

Despite its name, Turkey Melt isn’t about food. Instead, it follows surfer Alex Gray on his travels, as he surfs his way around the world. A pro big wave surfer, Alex has collected some incredible GoPro videos that will inspire you to up head to Nazare and see these giant waves for yourself.
34. Salt Surf

Salt Surf

Established in New York in 2011, Salt Surf is a surf brand with a vision to create items that people can connect with and see themselves using. Now based in California, the brand has its own store which sells their own apparel, surfboards and accessories, along with some of their favourite brands. Alongside their store, the Salt Surf blog, known as Below the Salt, gives an exclusive look behind-the-scenes of the brand.
35. Last Name First

Last Name First

Passionate surfers, Last Name First is a project by Alex and Koa Smith to inspire people to live a life of freedom, creativity and adventure. Wanting to create useful entertainment that helps people live a more positive life, the blog follows the brothers travels, and surf experiences, through some incredible videos.
36. Salty Beards

Salty Beards

Based in California, Salty Beards is a surf school that also has an online store and a great surf blog. A collection of some of the best surf videos and photographs on the internet, it’s the ultimate motivation to catch some waves.
37. Salt in My Hair

Salt in my hair

An online magazine about being active and having adventures, Salt In My Hair is the perfect blog for wave lovers. Covering surfing, yoga and mind, expect to see surf interviews and book reviews mixed with travel diaries including a trip to South Portugal.
38. Surfing Margaret River

Surfing Margaret River

Following the publication of their excellent surf book, Surfing Margaret River provides regularly updates on the surf conditions in the area. With breathtaking photographs and helpful insights, it’s enough to inspire anyone to book a surf holiday.
39. Surf City Family

Surf City Family

Written by Marcie from Huntington Beach, Surf City Family is the ultimate blog for those with a Californian dream. A family-based lifestyle blog with a clear love of the ocean, it covers all the major events including surf competitions. Great for getting a taste of the Cali lifestyle, our favourite posts are about the Surf City Surf Dog Competition!
40. Surfragette


Sharing surfing adventures with her readers, Marta inspires everyone to give surfing a go. Covering everything from photography tips to advice on high-energy snacks, Surfragette covers all aspects of the surfer lifestyle.
41. Brink Surf

Brink Surf

Thriving on the responsibility of their customers’ performance in the water, Brink is a board shaper that transforms choosing the right surfboard into an art. Educating their readers on different styles of surfboard, Brink Surf is a must-read for anyone looking to take their surfing to the next level.
42. Loco Surfing

Loco Surfing

A UK boardsports brand, Loco Surfing was established after the founder, Joe, discovered there was a limited choice in stand-up paddle boards. Surrounding himself with a world-class team, Loco Surfing channels its passion into providing surfers with an extensive range of SUP, surf and kiteboards. On their blog, Loco shares insights into competitions, travel inspiration and performance tips.
43. Morocco Surf Life

Morocco Surf Life

If you’ve ever wondered what happens at a surf camp, this is the blog for you! Written by a surfing holidays company, Morocco Surf Life, the blog gives a great insight into surf holidays and even shares videos of some of the surfer’s experiences.
44. Joistik Surfboards

Joistik Surfboards

Established in 2005 by shaper and designer Nick Blair, Joistik Surfboards is an Australian surfboard manufacturer who creates premium quality surfboards, customised for the best performance for surfers of all abilities. Through their blog, the brand shares exclusive insights in the process of shaping the boards and how the designs help pro surfers perform to the highest level.
45. A Broad on a Board

A Broad on a Board

An accountant from the U.K., Charlotte has now quit her job and is on possibly the best surf holiday in the world. Noticing that there weren’t many guides for surf travel, she began A Broad on a Board to help give surfers, travellers and backpackers some help creating the surfing holiday of their dreams.
46. Tatiana Howard

Tatiana Howard

After travelling the world on the Professional Windsurfing Tour at the age of 16, it’s easy to say that Tatiana Howard knows her waves. Lover of windsurfing, kitesurfing and surfing, she is the founder of the worldwide water woman movement, The Butterfly Effect. Her blog follows her competitions, travels and work to promote the sport.
47. Tale of a Mermaid

A Broad on a Board

Driven by a wish to share her love of the Ocean with the world, Devon documents her life, surfing and travel on Tale of a Mermaid. Covering everything from surfing whilst pregnant and with her children, to practicing her skills on a skateboard, we love following Devon’s journey.
48. Fiji Surf Shots

Fiji Surf Shots

Another incredible surf photography blog, Fiji Surf Shots is the sister blog of the Fiji Surf Company. Taking photos of their guests, Stu and Malia Johnson have captured the adrenaline, excitement, freedom and passion that surrounds surfing.
49. Soul Surfing

A Broad on a Board

Written by Jason Swan, a visual artist/photographer who specialises in Isle of Wight Surf Photography, Soul Surfing is the place to go for beautiful imagery. Showcasing his collation of landscape and action/lifestyle photography, Soul Surfing covers everything from surfing and stand-up-paddle-boarding to sailing and walking.
50. Son of a Beach

Son of a Beach

Starting his surfing journey in September 2015, Jakub of Son of a Beach now dreams of becoming a pro surfer. Living 1434 miles from the ocean might put some people off from pursuing the dream of riding waves but seems to only have made him more determined. What makes Jakub different is his love of men’s fashion, combing fashion trends with surfer style to create a unique blend.

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