Become a Transfer Operator With Sea-Lifts

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15 years experience
Part of an award-winning transfer group
Trusted by the travel industry

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No investment
Dedicated sales and marketing
New customers & opportunities

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Dedicated account manager
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24/7 customer service

    3 steps to becoming a transfer operator

    SEND US your price list (including all taxes and charges), transport License and Public Liability Insurance
    CONFIRM with us a few options
        a  Set rates or ad hoc?
        b  What transfer types you can provide?
        c   You are happy with our payment terms
        d  You can accept bookings up to 48 hrs before travel
        e  Your cancellation policy
        f   Your contract details
        g  Supplements and services
    SIGN our Agency Agreement

    We’ll then send you your Sea-Lifts login and you are ready to go!

    Who are Sea-Lifts?

    Sea-Lifts formed in 2005 offering airport transfers to BiarritzHossegor and other resorts along the coast. Over the years Sea-Lifts have increased the number of destinations covered across Europe.

    We now specialise in offering transfers from the airports or city centres to major cruise ports and sailing marinas across Europe. Along with that, we also specialise in transfers to surf resorts in major European surf destinations in France, Portugal and Spain and finally, transfers to scuba resorts in Europe and also on the Red Sea.

    Sea-Lifts comes from the same family as Ski-Lifts and Golf-Drives. Ski-Lifts have been named the World’s Best Transfer Operator in the World Ski Awards for the last 3 years. We have comprehensive experience in the travel industry, which has enabled us to build unbeatable transfer services in different travel sectors. Sea-Lifts shares exactly the same values and fundamental principles as Ski-Lifts and Golf-Drives.

    Why become a Sea-Lifts transfer operator?

    reputation icon


    Trusted by the travel industry for over 15 years. Clients know their reputation and customers are safe with us. Sea-Lifts are part of the award-winning family of specialist transfer brands, including; Golf-Drives and also Ski-Lifts who have won the World’s Best Transfer Operator for the last 3 years and have a rating of 9.3 on TrustPilot. We will build on this reputation and extend this into the golf tourism market.

    passenger volume icon

    Passenger Volumes

    Backed by agreements with some of the biggest companies in the travel sector, we have mobilised our dedicated sales and marketing teams to address the ever-growing Tourism markets in cruise, sailing, surfing and scuba-diving. By working with Sea-Lifts you will have access to the thousands of passengers who already book transfers through us. The numbers are growing. As a business, we already transported more than 60,000 passengers last year.

    Marketing & Sales Investment

    We already have massive contracts with travel businesses. We will give you access to new customers to help grow your business. Our in-house marketing team have dedicated their time to increase bookings through SEO, PPC, email and social media. Also, our sales team are networking and attending events to constantly win contracts with brand new clients who cover multiple territories.

    valued partnership icon

    Valued Partnership

    We understand what it is like to be a transfer operator. We started life as one, so we know how difficult and demanding it can be. We’ve built our transfer operator system to be as easy to use as possible. Also, it’s not just about the cheapest price – quality, service and availability are more important.

    Become a transfer operator

    What you get with our partnership

    Outstanding Customer Service

    You’ll have your own dedicated account manager, who is on hand to discuss any requirements you have and someone who you can give feedback and get suggestions from.

    24/7/365 Support

    Our operations teams are always contactable to handle enquiries relating to live transfers.

    Less hassle and admin

    All customer enquiries and booking changes up until the day of travel are dealt with by our operations team. In turn, this will cut down on your admin time, meaning you can focus on the job at hand and deliver the best service possible. We make a few demands as possible. All bookings are sent by email and we ask for pick-up times the day before.

    It’s not just Sea…

    Benefit from a cross-over with Golf-Drives, as well as our continued growth into new areas like Outdoor Activity breaks.

    Easy to use solutions


    Transfer Operator Account

    We’ve made our account area as easy to use as possible.

    Search for bookings by a certain date & extract a spreadsheet of the bookings
    View pending availability requests & accept/decline bookings
    View list of rates you’ve provided
    View all accounts details & contact info


    Use our API to automatically input our booking details into your system and also automatically confirm your pick-up times for transfers in our system.

    What’s important to us?


    Obviously, price is important to us, but we’re not looking for the cheapest transfer operator at the expense of our values. Customers safety and reputation are paramount, so we’re looking to work with the best partners. We value; reliability, safety and service levels, above all else.


    Availability is important to us, as we want to know that if we commit to working with a supplier, that they will work to service all of the bookings we bring – we don’t want to invest in getting bookings only to find they can’t be serviced.

    Long Lasting Relationships

    We’re looking to build long-lasting relationships with our transfer operators. We want to work with people who want to build a partnership which will last over time. Which will work for us, you and our customers. When we all win, things grow and develop