Should you book an interior cabin on your next cruise holiday?


We get the appeal, waking up while at sea, meandering out to the balcony and enjoying the view, at one with nature. Who doesn’t love a balcony?

However, whether or not it is worth it depends on why you’re going on a cruise in the first place.

Here are four reasons it might be worth considering booking an inside cabin for your next cruise holiday.

Why an interior cabin might be right for you


1. They can offer better value for money

More often than not, interior rooms are less costly than a balcony and can be the best value accommodation n a cruise ship.

Keeping costs low means you can have an amazing, luxurious holiday without breaking the bank and can be a particularly cost-effective if you’re travelling as a family. It also means more spending money for excursions, specialty dining or other experiential activities.


2. You can potentially cruise more often

Even if your cruise holiday isn’t limited by budget, the savings made from choosing an interior cabin could mean that your next cruise holiday might be sooner than you think!

It may seem a case of quantity over quality but cruising more often on a budget could offer more value than splurging every few years on a balcony room you’ll spend little time in. And, if you choose the same cruise line again, you could accumulate loyalty points that give you little perks.


3. Sleeping will be a breeze

Many people, especially those who are sensitive to light, find that inside cabins offer a great night’s sleep with the darkness afforded to them. That’s because your room will be pitch black at night, which means you can get a much-needed lie-in if required!

The absence of a window means interior cabins can have much better noise-insulation for those who are prone to getting their slumber interrupted by outside sounds.


4. You can make the most of the cruise experience

People often say that they don’t spend a lot of time in their rooms anyway on a cruise, but those with a balcony might be more inclined to spend some time relaxing and enjoying the sea view from the balcony.

This means you could be missing out on some quality exploration and using the great amenities offered to on your cruise ship, from tranquil pools and lounges through to the onboard entertainment.

Interior rooms afford you the same access to cuisine, pools and entertainment as everyone else but you may be more inclined to actually make the most of them.


When is an interior cabin not for you?

Even though there can be plenty of advantages of an interior cabin, they may not be for everyone. Here are a few reasons they may not be the best choice for you.


1.  You need natural light

We’ve mentioned above how an interior room can be great for sleeping if you are sensitive to light. Some people find though that the reverse is true and they need natural sunlight in the mornings to give them the get-up-and-go. If natural light gives you energy, then an interior cabin might not be the best choice for getting the most from your cruise holiday.


2. You suffer from claustrophobia

Interior cabins differ in size depending on where they are in the ship but normally they can be smaller than a balcony room. If you are claustrophobic, you may need a little extra wiggle room and as dark spaces can also be a trigger point, a room with a window might be best for you.


3. You haven’t found your sea legs

If motion sickness is an issue for you then an interior cabin may not be best for you as a balcony offers access to fresh air (although this really depends where in the ship your cabin is as interior cabins normally have reduced movement due to being away from the sides of the ships).



If you’re only going to be using your room to change and sleep then an interior cabin could be the perfect choice for your next cruise holiday and the benefits are clear.

However, it really comes down to why you’re going on a cruise to begin with.

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